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Reduce Costs & Time

Regardless  of the building industry your associated with, you'll be able to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease.
    •Cut drawing time by 50%
    •Reduce manual measurements by 80%
    •Eliminate manual photography
    •Models used as scale in AutoCAD as-builts
    •Reduce as-built drawing time by 50%
    •Improved contractor bid accuracy

Autodesk BIM 360 Integration

Full integration with Autodesk BIM 360® to enable construction customers to collaborate virtually. Now, teams using BIM 360 can access and walk through Image XD's digital twins of their job sites while accessing the full array of project information in their BIM 360 Project Home dashboard. By adding the Partner Card into your BIM 360 Project Home, construction teams can activate the integration to streamline documentation across workflows & collaboration between the project team.

3rd Party Platform Integration

Streamline design and BIM modeling processes with digital twin cloud data of site conditions. Use Procore with ImageXD's data files to enable quick and easy collaboration and manage all aspects of your project in 3D. Our platform also integrates seamlessly with your existing software - from SketchUp, to Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software.Build more efficiently with collaborative project review
    • Point Clouds | .XYZ Files
    • OBJ 3D | Mesh Files
    •Reflected Ceiling Plan

Long Term Documentation

Our 3D data platform is the most powerful, accurate, and quickest way to document a building or property. Building owners want the construction of their buildings to be well documented. IMAGEXD provides them with superior construction documentation throughout the process. When complete the client can maintain the files for long-term facilities management and project documentation.


Scanning in Tru-3D of each phase of construction will enable your company to retain unrivaled documentation of each phase of construction. Have the optical documentation needed to expedite construction progress, financing & requisitions. Also, this specialized documentation would also be critical in: insurance matters, claims, auditing job-sites, sub-contractor’s quality of work & materials and adding your projects to your marketing.

  • Engineers, BIM managers, VDCs, and architects can inspect the site remotely within integrated 3rd party software.
  • The virtual tour is a collection of 360º images deeply connected as point clouds to the 3D model of the space.
  • Each 360º image is automatically placed in the correct location — no post-processing necessary.
  • Collaborators can use the imported data to create a visual punchlist of tasks that need to be completed. 
  • Scan the same job site at different phases to show progress over time (construction documentation).
  • .XYZ Files for architecture, engineering, and construction clients.
  • Open in AutoCAD, ReCap, Revit or other integradable software and jump-start your as-built designs.
  • Fully automatic point cloud registration of all sweeps (setups).
  • Colorized based on the 360º panorama imagery and accurate to within 1% of reality.
  • IMAGEXD’s 3D depth data with 2D visual data to create a textured 3D mesh that is the OBJ file. We sample the OBJ file to create the Dollhouse View in 3D Showcase.
  • An OBJ file is not necessary for most users. 3D developers and VR enthusiasts can use the OBJ file to kickstart their projects with a 3D model of a real-world place.
  • To open we recommend Maya, 3D Studio Max, or Meshlab. For Maya, you may need to convert the OBJ into an FBX file. If you prefer SketchUp you will need a plug-in to import OBJ objects.
  • Our OBJ files have a scale of 1 unit = 1 meter. You may need to update the scale in your 3D software to choose a different scale or scaling the model after loading.


  • Take simple measurements (dimensions) in metric or imperial units.
  • Measure remotely — no need for a return site visit just to measure.
  • Measure dimensions of objects, rooms, or even the entire job site.
  • Measurements are accurate to within 1% of reality.
  • Workshop measurements are made on the 3D mesh. You can also download the point cloud and measure in ReCap and other software.
  • Take simple flat 2D photography from your Digital Twin Space.
  • Photos in a remarkable Ultra High 134 Mega-Pixel Resolution
  • Take as many as you like and use them for both print and digital formats. 
  • Download your 2D photos as simple PNG or JPEG files.
  • Use for simple team communication integrated in your software or include in the turnover package for your clients.
  • Download as many 360º photospheres from the Digital TwinSpace as you like. 
  • A 360º photosphere is the same spherical, panorama imagery that you see in 3D Showcase.
  • Open with a specific tool for editing and viewing 360º images, such as Pano2VR.
  • For architecture, engineering, and construction clients. 
  • Get a quick top-down view of the job site and everything inside it.
  • Use in AutoCAD as a tracing element or open in Maya, 3DS Max, or other 3D software.
  • The floorplan is just a unique, orthogonal view of the 3D mesh. Make your own views/slices of the 3D mesh by manipulating the OBJ file yourself.
  • For architecture, engineering, and construction customers. 
  • Same as the high resolution floor plans, but a quick vertical view of everything on the ceiling.
  • See ventilation shafts, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and more.